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Ok, so you have your website and you need to be noticed fast. The Archiweb quick submit program is the answer. After all time is money! Working with our partners Inktomi, Aol, Overture, Looksmart, MSN, and Iwon The Archiweb Hosting Quick Submit Program gets your site on these major search engines and will get you noticed! Become "Findable" in Top Search Engines with the Archiweb Hosting Quick Submit Program. Only $79.99 gets you noticed Fast! online marketing - fast, reliable, flexible, affordable  

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*Search engines are the #1 way that people find websites. Being in the Inktomi index and on the main directories will give you the potential to be found by millions of Internet users.

*Your web pages are added to the index! Not the weeks or months it usually takes with other service

* Your listing is updated
to ensure that changes on your web site are reflected automatically and allow you to quickly see the impact in your ranking.

* Your listings will get in and stay in the index. No need to worry about "dropping out which can happen regularly with other services.

Please contact our staff if you would like to discuss further service that will drive guranteed traffic to your web site.

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